Meet Tommy

Tommy Battle is a worker. For you, your neighborhood and your family, for a long-term Huntsville, for the immediate needs of its communities — he works, and continues to work, because he cares for them all. The data around this tells the same story: Tommy's character is people-focused, and this city's recent progress and prosperity, every bit of it, has been driven by that fact.

His service to local businesses is borne from Tommy's own history, as a young man, of managing the old Britling's Buffet. He knows the struggle of running a business, its ups and downs, its relationships to people in the community. He continues to speak the language of business clearly. He translates it into action. That action creates jobs.

Tommy's bonds as a son, a father, and now a grandfather prompt him to think generationally, for the future of his family and yours. From bolstering job creation to bettering our schools, from reviving our city's infrastructure and roads to courageously revamping our economy amidst statewide shifts, from the historic invitation of Google Fiber to bringing Remington and Polaris and GE Aviation into the city — Tommy Battle feels a responsibility for our quality of life.

His faith, which draws him into assisting people right where they are, inspires Tommy to change the city in ways that make sense not only to its larger interests, to be sure, but also to its residents and their community needs. People, ultimately, are Tommy's motivator for the kind of quality of life that is solid and favorable for all.

And that's why Tommy Battle works. Ultimately, he cares.

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