February 7, 2018

A Promise We’re Determined to Keep

We’ve now traveled to 63 of Alabama’s 67 counties during our campaign.

We’re pushing hard to finish up that list and make sure we’ve met and listened to the people in every county across the state. That’s a promise we made that we’re determined to keep.

No matter where we go, whether it’s Hamilton or Mobile or Anniston, Alabamians ask, “How are you going to remember us?” We will be in every county every year when I’m governor.

My goal is to create regional advisory councils. I believe we need to bring the governor out of Montgomery and into the communities to see and hear your needs. That will ensure we better connect on an ongoing basis and I’m held accountable.

Last week, I interviewed with a number of reporters and am appreciative of the media’s interest in our vision for the future of Alabama. I’ve had some tough questions along the way, and know there are tough challenges I’ll have to tackle as governor.   

On Monday, we had our county coordinators together for training sessions. What a great group of people, many of whom took a full day or half-day out of their lives to come in and meet with our staff.

They may be talking about electing Tommy Battle, but as much as anything, their emphasis is that they want a state that represents us and represent the people. I appreciate all the people who were able to attend.