March 5, 2018

Alabama is Worth It!

Ever have a busy week where you are going place to place and you try your hotel key in the wrong door then realize it’s the room number from the night before…

Last Friday in Montgomery, we attended the Alabama State Republican dinner. Many candidates, party officials and engaged citizens came out. An informed electorate is very important, decisions made at the ballot box will have impact for years and years to come.

On Wednesday, we left north Alabama at 4:30 am (yawn). The day consisted of multiple television and print media interviews with questions about the campaign and even some talk of cocktail parties. One of our blog posts last week mentioned that we drove the 40 minutes from Montgomery to Greenville to talk to 160 people who were interested in who would be the next Governor.

Governor Ivey chose to go to Montgomery cocktail parties instead. Some have suggested they were receptions, but if they have an open bar, I call it a cocktail party. The media saw it, and I was repeatedly asked questions about it. Another question that they all asked is, “why you?”

“Why you” is a good, legitimate question. My answer is that my administration has a record that is made of accomplishment. We took on education in our community, added infrastructure and made our area a place people want to be a part of, it’s a place that’s attractive. Many people call that ‘quality of life’, and under my leadership as your governor we will increase that quality of life for all Alabamians.

The end result is my team has added 24,000 jobs and billions of dollars of investment. This record is one that I will put up against any of the other candidates. Governor Ivey has been part of the Montgomery leadership since the 1970’s. The last 16 years she has been State Treasurer and Lt. Governor. Let’s compare records. When people say Montgomery is broken, who has been in a State leadership position?

After talking to media in Birmingham, the Association of Builders and Contractors and to Rotoract (the world’s largest Rotoract club) Mrs. Battle and I went to some meetings that evening that lasted until 9:30. When my head finally hit the pillow Mrs. Battle said I snored.

We drove to Baldwin County on Thursday and visited Loxley, Robertsdale, Foley, Fairhope, Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. We finished up with a victory lap in Mobile. Wow, it was a true whirlwind tour. Our last event was a pig roast at the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Boys Ranch event hosted by Baldwin County Sheriff Hoss Mack and 600 of his closest friends. We made lots of new friends at that event. It was also good to see old friends like David and DeAnn Milly and Pete Horton.  

Saturday I did an interview with the Auburn Plainsman student newspaper, a campaign stop at Byron’s breakfast place and out to the country in Opelika where we met about 300 people from the Auburn/ Opelika area.

This has been a busy week of listening to the people and sharing our vision for the state. We made progress, but it’s a BIG state. Through all this the question pops up, “Is this worth it?” Answer: it’s OUR state. OUR duty is to leave this state a better place than we found it. We have to provide open, honest government so our people start trusting state government again.

Let’s take on our challenges and make them opportunity. Let’s provide jobs and opportunity for every section of the state. I humbly ask for your support as your next governor. Why? Because it’s OUR state and Alabama is worth it!