February 12, 2018

Why I’m Asking for Your Vote

We’ve covered more than 26,000 miles on our Alabama roads since I first announced I was running for governor. A few days ago, that mileage included a trip to Famous Fred’s in Birmingham for some biscuits and scrambled eggs. It was a quick campaign stop with a great crowd.

After some industry visits, we attended a luncheon on the south side with around 25 key members of the community. We had a great conversation about Alabama’s future, how we can take the same strategy and plan that was developed in our area, and use it on a bigger scale in Montgomery. The end result is hundreds of thousands of new jobs across the state.

I guess this is probably an appropriate time for an official campaign announcement: I’m not going to even try to compete this year in Scale Back Alabama. There is too much good food on the campaign trail!

During that Tuesday visit, somebody brought up the fact that Huntsville has had 62 percent of the state’s industrial growth in the last 10 years. It’s a number we’re proud of but it’s also a number that makes you say, “We need to apply these same principles and hard work for every section of the state.”

On Thursday, I toured the Finley Center at the Hoover Met complex. The leadership there has done a great job in creating a topnotch facility. It’s named after Bob Finley, my old high school coach at Berry High, and I know he would be very proud to see it.

We wrapped up the day at the Republican Executive Committee of Jefferson County. There were a dozen candidates for various offices, though the Governor didn’t get to fly in for this event. It was a busy schedule and we were told we could tell the audience everything we knew in two minutes.

It reminded me, with so many candidates, that we have a lot of offices coming up on the ballot this June, and every one of them is going to be important. We’ve got to make sure we elect people who want to do great things for Alabama and make it a better place. That’s why I’m asking for your vote.