March 7, 2018

Battle accepts Ivey’s gubernatorial debate invitation

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) –Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle wants to debate Gov. Kay Ivey in this year’s gubernatorial race.

Battle has accepted Ivey’s challenge to several debates across the state. He wants to do seven debates in seven congressional districts.

Battle said one of the most important parts of the campaign and election process is showing voters what candidates want to accomplish. It’s also a chance to measure up and compare what each candidate says they’ll work on.

Battle said that’s why he’s excited about the opportunity. He said it’s going to be a chance for him to showcase his strategy and plan for the state of Alabama.

“I would love for them to see that we have a vision, a vision of what we want to see Alabama be in the future, what we want to see Alabama evolve into in the next four to eight years. That’s the key to election time. That’s the key to debates,” he said.

Ivey’s campaign has not yet released details on the next step.

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