October 17, 2017

Battle Blog: Show your colors, Alabama.


Before I talk about our campaign for governor, I want to remind you about the “Alabama Show Your Colors” campaign.

Veterans Day – which always expands into something of a Veterans Week in Huntsville – is coming up November 11. We’re encouraging everybody across the state to put their American flags out. Put them on your home and your businesses, where we can have a visible presence to honor those veterans and thank them for their service.

Veterans are the backbone of our community in Huntsville because of Redstone Arsenal, with thousands of former military personnel in our city. That’s the same in so many communities across Alabama. Veterans are often some of our most active leaders in business, in government and in the non-profit world. Service seems to be part of their DNA, and it’s important for the rest of us to make what is just a simple gesture to thank them.

On the subject of our flag and the pride in showing our colors, I was honored to be asked to lead the Pledge of Allegiance last week at a fundraiser for the Alabama Sheriffs’ Association Boys & Girls Ranch. We were in Baldwin County for that, with about 175 people at the event, and we got the chance to mix and mingle with a lot of good folks.

We went to Tuscaloosa, where a group I was involved with at the University of Alabama was celebrating its 150th anniversary. It was a great time to catch up with a lot of friends from across the state and talk about where Alabama is heading.

The Etowah County Republican Women invited me to their meeting in Rainbow City. We had a good conversation about the future of Alabama and I told them if they wanted the same-old-same-old, well, I might not be their candidate. But if they wanted somebody to work on education and work on roads and the end results turn into more jobs for Alabama, then I’d like their consideration. That was very well-received.

Right after that, Phil Owen hosted a meet-and-greet in his office in Gadsden, with about 30 people there. They were interested in how to make our state continue to grow. They recognize that growth is everything. Without growth, you’re going backward. Any organization has to have strong leadership with a good plan, whether it’s a small company or a large state. That’s what we can bring to Alabama, and I felt a lot of excitement among those people in wanting to make sure that will happen.