April 7, 2018

Battle Makes Pitch to Local GOP Voters

April 7, 2018

Three-term Huntsville Mayor and Alabama gubernatorial candidate Tommy Battle highlighted a campaign-season parade of political aspirants Saturday in Cullman that seemed to include half the GOP Primary race’s statewide field.

A lengthy list of candidates including Alice Martin and Troy King (for attorney general), Rusty Glover (for lieutenant governor), Debra Jones and John Bahakel (for Alabama Supreme Court), and several other state office seekers made quick introductory pitches to a large local audience  of mostly-Republican voters at the Cullman Elks Lodge.

Battle capped the event by pledging to do, at the state level, what he said his administration has been able to accomplish for Huntsville at the municipal level.

“My record is what I have done in Huntsville, Alabama for the past ten years,” Battle said. “That record is a record of achievement…What if we do this in the whole state…on a little bit bigger scale? Maybe we can have that same success in every Congressional district.”

Battle is seeking to unseat incumbent Republican Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey in the June 5 party primary to advance against a Democratic opponent in the Nov. 6 general election. Also running for the same office in the GOP primary are Scott Dawson, Bill Hightower, and Michael McAllister.

The Democratic primary field is even more crowded with gubernatorial aspirants, including local former state representative James Fields, Walt Maddox, Sue Bell Cobb, Christopher A. Countryman, Doug Smith, and Anthony White.

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