March 26, 2018

Who’s Best for the Job?

We’ve visited with several women’s groups recently on the campaign trail. Last Wednesday, I spoke to the Houston County Republican Women. They had some good questions and even better conversation about my plan and vision for Alabama. 

Meanwhile, Mrs. Battle has been out on the trail.  She was in Etowah County last Monday, the Madison County Republican Women on Tuesday and Montgomery on Thursday. Eula has been making new friends all across the stateand it seems like everywhere she goes, they invite her back to play Bunco!

Something I’ve found interesting is that women groups tell us gender is not playing a role in their choice of who will be the next governor. They’re focusing on who can do the best job for the state of Alabama. They’re not tied to one candidate. They want to listen and learn and see who can work with them to make our state a better place for their children and grandchildren.

We sent a letter last week to the governor with a good number of dates for debates. As we’ve said from the outset, we’d love to go around and have debates throughout the state, and there are media partners and other groups who are eager to host.

So far, no substantial response from the governor and her team.

It’s pretty ironic. Many people forget that she ran as a Democrat for state auditor in 1982. She challenged her opponent, Jan Cook, to debates across the state. She said the people deserved to hear from the candidates, to hear what they were doing.

Even if she’s changed parties and she’s changed the job she’s campaigning for, her beliefs on transparency shouldn’t have changed.

We put a lot of miles on the campaign truck this past week. We visited with some good friends at the Church of the Highlands on Sunday in Birmingham, and we spent a lot of time in the Wiregrass area later in the week.

In between, the storms on Monday night cancelled a fundraiser in Athens at the home of Wayne Wolfe. It was going to be a great event and I appreciate the multitude of people who were helping put it on. But we’ll catch back up with a breakfast event there soon.

We spoke to the Wiregrass Foundation and had dinner with a great group of folks in Dothan before getting up early on Thursday and traveling to Abbeville (population 2,688) in Henry County.

It’s one of our more rural areas and we talked about the challenges for rural Alabama vs. urban Alabama. It’s something to remember as you go along, that you have to cover all aspects of Alabama, and not just one. We assured them that our administration will look at every section of Alabama, because every section needs to be a success. Every section matters.

There was an interesting event at the Pike County GOP meeting on Tuesday. It was a forum for gubernatorial candidates, and three of us were thereminus, you’ll not be surprised, the current governor, who was a no-show.

They had a straw poll, where you paid $5 for a vote. Each vote registered you for a chance to win a cake.

We knew the straw poll wasn’t going to go in our favor when Scott Dawson’s people won all the cakes. They learned to vote oftenbut it bought them some expensive cakes.

All the best,