October 5, 2017

The Cullman Times: Battle promotes message of leadership in campaign for governor

Alabama’s massive election year is still months away, but Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle is already touring the state in preparation for a run at the governor’s seat.

With a resume of success as the leader of Alabama’s healthiest economy — Huntsville — Battle sees an opportunity for the state to make a positive turn and leave behind the scandals and embarrassments of recent years. And it’s not just the fall of politicians that is troubling, it’s the failure of leadership. That’s where he finds motivation to become governor.

“At some point we have to take the state back, take it away from the lobbyists and hand the leadership to the people we elect at the state and local levels and the people who vote,” Battle said. “There’s an indictment in some ways on those who have served the last eight years and not provided leadership. We’ve ignored transportation, prisons, mental health and other issues.”