March 22, 2018

Mayor Tommy Battle Makes Campaign Stop in Dothan

March 22, 2018

Mayor Tommy Battle of Huntsville brought his campaign to Dothan Thursday, talking to the Houston County Republican Women on why he should be Alabama next’s governor.

“Its number one you have to have a government that is honest, you got to have people that you can trust and you got to work….. there’s  a lot of challenges that we have in the state,” said Mayor Battle.  “We have to work on the challenge of education, we have to work on the challenges of infrastructure but if we do that and if we do it right then we can do just like we been able to do in my home area.”

Since 2008, Battle has brought 24,000  jobs to Huntsville and three billion dollars of investment to that city which he hopes he can provide the same success to the wiregrass if elected governor.

“The young people sitting in the schools, the twelve thousand people sitting in these Houston County Schools have a chance to stay home and be part of a productive society have a job and raise a family put a roof over their head and put food on the table,” said Battle.

“I think it’s very important the things that bring in jobs is education you have infrastructure you have a qualities of life which you have in the whole wiregrass area if you can do that then you can bring in jobs.”

Mayor Battle hopes his message displayed that  he believes in the state of Alabama.

“Our states gonna get better and as governor we promise its gonna get better,” said Battle.

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