May 25, 2018

New Commercials and Serious Momentum

By now, I hope you’ve had a chance to see our two new TV commercials we’ve just unveiled. We’re proud of them, and we’re proud of the message they deliver.

One of them “co-stars” the red truck in which we’ve traveled to every corner of the state, many of them multiple times. The other has my favorite co-star – my wife Eula, and she steals the show. There’s a cute little ending to the commercial.

The topic in that one is education and the investment in education we’ve made as a family and I’ll make as governor. Eula co-founded “Free2Teach,” which has provided millions of dollars’ worth of free school supplies for thousands of teachers in north Alabama. She’s a long-time teacher herself, and we recognize all the sacrifices teachers make in time and energy, and often to spend their own money so their students can have the necessary tools for a good education.

We also know that without a strong foundation of education, our state cannot succeed. Our future workforce depends upon today’s schools. Businesses who consider finding a new home in Alabama have education for their employees’ families at the top of their list of priorities, and it should be the same for us.

There’s a common thread in all of our advertising, and it runs throughout our campaign: We always take the high road. We’re running on the issues that matter for all Alabamians. Those include improving education, building and fixing our roads and bridges and bringing more economic opportunities to our state.

Even through the unfortunate reports that happened when last week’s news cycle ramped up, we had a press conference to say we’re taking the high road. Our government needs to be good, and to be good, you take the high road.

As we’ve traveled across the state, and the June 5 election day draws closer, we’re asked a lot about polling numbers by media and the people we meet on the campaign.

Polling is looking good. We’re very optimistic. When we started, our opponent was at 75 percent and we were at 9 percent. From what we can tell, we’re now in the low 30s and our opponent, depending upon whose polls you trust, is in the low to mid 40s.

That means there are still a lot of people out there who are undecided. We’re going to continue working hard to get the undecided voters, that 25 percent, as well as those who might be leaning toward our opponent, to be a part of our campaign, to link arms together and vote June 5 for a government that responds to the people of Alabama, that brings change and proven leadership.