June 4, 2018

On the Cusp of Election Day

June 3rd, 2018

After all these miles we’ve driven, all the many places we’ve visited, all the new friends we’ve met, here we are. We’re finally on the cusp of election day. Time has flown by so quickly and I’m so thankful for all the people who have welcomed me into their homes, their businesses, their civic clubs and their restaurants and who have shared their enthusiasm about bringing change to Alabama.

But this is hardly the end of the road. This is just a landmark day as voters go to the polls in the Republican primary. There are other, even more crucial votes ahead as we chart a new course for the state of Alabama.

I’m so proud of our campaign and our staff. We have stayed above the negative rhetoric that weaves through most campaign advertising. We have always stressed that we were running for governor and not against anyone. We’re not running against the Washington, D.C. establishment, or running with it.

Our staff has worked countless hours to help spread our message of change, of job growth and education, all across the state. People who have joined in this Battle for Alabama, whether it be college kids distributing yard signs or influential local leaders who have taken time to help, are all appreciated. It’s been humbling to both Eula and me to have so many people come aboard with us.

If there’s been disappointment in this campaign, it’s been in the reluctance on the part of the current governor to be involved in an exchange of ideas.

Once again, she refused to be a part of a debate as the other candidates and I gathered in Tuscaloosa last Tuesday. The debate was sponsored by Boys’ State, and the young people in that audience are the future leaders of our state. They’re outstanding students and respected in their schools. That’s a group that needs to be heard and it’s a group that needs to hear our vision for Alabama. These are people we can inspire to follow our footsteps in changing the course of our state.

Yet, once again, Gov. Ivey declined to debate. I think she’s merely a straight-shooter in her commercials, not in a public forum.

A lot of this campaign has come down to taking credit. During our tenure as Mayor of Huntsville, our city has achieved remarkable growth in jobs and industry. Our team in Huntsville led the way in attracting the Mazda-Toyota joint manufacturing facility, though others might have you believe all credit should go their way.

Of the new jobs brought into Alabama over the past decade, 62 percent have come into Huntsville. We’re one of the fastest growing cities in the South, yet we’ve managed our infrastructure and controlled that growth. That’s our track record of 10 years, and we’ll put that up against any of the other candidates.

The success we’ve had in Huntsville can be mirrored in the entire state. We will make Alabama a smarter state, a more vibrant state for job, a state we can all be proud of.

Help us continue the campaign toward those goals by going out to vote on Tuesday. In this critical time in our state’s history, encourage your friends and families and co-workers to do the same, to join with us in the Battle for Alabama.