November 20, 2017

Tommy Battle Campaigns in Florence

FLORENCE — Diners at Ricatoni’s got a surprise along with their oil and herbs today.

Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle was visiting downtown businesses as part of his campaign for governor. He said Florence and Huntsville have a lot in common, and he wants to spread the successes of the two cities across the state.

“I want to make sure the right things happen all the way across the state of Alabama,” he said during a break at Ricatoni’s. “Ten years ago (as mayor), we started re-imagining Huntsville as a smart place. We need to sell ourselves on the idea that we are a smart place that has a great future. Once we sell ourselves, then we tell the world.”

Battle, a Republican, said Huntsville builds rockets and missiles, Mobile builds cutting-edge Navy ships, and Birmingham’s medical community is one of the best in the nation.

He said Huntsville has seen $2 billion in investment and thousands of new jobs in the 10 years he has been mayor.

“I want to see if we can do that on a larger scale” as governor, he said.

Florence and Huntsville are sister cities in some ways, he said, in part because they share a television market that connects them. He said that has helped sell Huntsville’s success stories.

“Both cities have seen great growth,” Battle said.

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