March 18, 2018

Tommy Battle joins Life Church to celebrate new building

(WAFF) March 11, 2018

Life Church Huntsville officially has a new home.

Mayor Tommy Battle joined them to celebrate the new building and their work in the community. For years, the church has championed making sure no one goes hungry.

Mark Shepard of the ‘Food Box’ program, which will be placed in the new building, spoke highly of the church, saying, “It’s really become a ministry of reaching and loving people.”

‘Food Box’ gives food to those without or just not enough.

Kevin McGlamery, a pastor at Life Church, added, “Most of them are very grateful with smiles on their faces and they appreciate what we’re trying to do to help them in their point of need.”

The program takes a lot of work to pull it off every month, feeding well over 120 people.  They are currently looking for volunteers to help pick up the two to three tons of food from the food bank.

McGlamery also says there’s no shame in asking for help.  “We all have a story and some of us have come to a place where we need somebody to come along side of us, join us by the hand and help us to continue to advance.  That’s all we’re doing.”

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