October 4, 2017

Tommy Battle Raises more than $1,105,000 for Gubernatorial Campaign

HUNTSVILLE, AL – Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle, a life-long Republican leader, has raised more than $1,105,000 as he continues his campaign to become the next Governor of the State of Alabama.

“I’m very proud of this accomplishment so early on in our campaign. It really shows you that Alabamians want a change in Montgomery,” said Battle. “I’m proud that we’ve had more than 484 contributions come in. That’s a lot of support that helped us reach above that million dollar mark.”

Battle For Alabama brought in more than $227,000 in the month of September and finished the month with $1,028,017 in the bank.

“We’ve had a very diverse group help us reach this point in fundraising. Some of those contributors tell me this is the first time they’ve ever donated to a campaign, but they believe in our message and are ready to join the battle for the future of our great state,” said Battle.

Tommy Battle was elected Huntsville’s mayor eight years ago. Since then, he’s helped recruit and create more than 20,000 jobs, 62% of the job growth in our state during that time. That job growth has also helped generate more than $2.5 billion in economic investment for North Alabama. Battle is committed to restoring pride in Alabama and confidence in our state’s government.

“We’ve reached our first fundraising goal,” said Battle. “Our work is not done. We have even higher fundraising goals to hit before the primary election next year. I’m confident we’ll get there.”