September 8, 2017

Tommy Battle welcomes Kay Ivey to the campaign

HUNTSVILLE, AL – Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle welcomes Kay Ivey to the campaign for Governor of the State of Alabama.

“I welcome Governor Ivey to the discussions we have been having over the last few months – conversations about jobs, infrastructure, and education,” said Battle. “These are the same core topics the Battle For Alabama campaign was built on. Since I announced in April my intention to run for governor, I’ve traveled the state and shared my plan on how to improve job creation and recruitment statewide, what it takes to make better infrastructure investments, and how to create an education system that will power job growth for the next generation of students.”

Tommy Battle was elected Huntsville’s mayor eight years ago. Since then, he’s helped recruit and create more than 20,000 jobs, 62% of the job growth in our state during that time. That job growth has also helped generate more than $2.5 billion in economic investment for North Alabama. Battle is committed to restoring pride in Alabama and confidence in our state’s government by ending the culture of corruption sweeping the political insiders.

“Our campaign isn’t going to be against one candidate. It’s for a better Alabama. I’m looking forward to discussing our vision for Alabama’s future and giving our citizens the chance to compare my record over the last ten years as mayor to the record of others.”