March 5, 2018

Voters Talk Issues as Tommy Battle Visits Montgomery

March 5, 2018

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) – Currently there are five Republicans and six Democrats in the race for governor. Some voters are being proactive in researching the candidates to determine who would be the best choice.

Monday, Republican gubernatorial candidate Tommy Battle made a stop in Montgomery to speak with voters.

“They are looking [for] someone different, who will change things, who will come in and give us a fresh start,” Battle said.

Across town, Democratic candidate Sue Bell Cobb officially kicked off her campaign.

“We have to have bold, energetic leadership who is willing to put the people over politics,” Cobb said.

One voter, Vicki Ward, was very specific about what she is looking for in the next governor.

“I would like a little bit of honesty and integrity. That would probably be the first two marks I’m looking for,” Ward said.

Longtime educators like Cathy McNeal and Charlene McCoy are looking for a strong advocate for teachers.

“We need incentives to bring educators into our career in Alabama,” McNeal said.

“Our kids deserve to have quality teachers. Our teachers deserve to have quality pay days,” McCoy said.

Besides education, prison overcrowding and economic development top the list of issues voters are looking to see the next leader of Alabama deliver action on.

“The prison system, I think we need to look at that. The other thing, mental health issues. I don’t think anyone is addressing that,” Ward said.

The statewide primary election is June 5, and the general election Nov. 6.


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