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Meet Mayor Tommy Battle

Tommy was elected Huntsville’s mayor in 2008. The values he grew up with shaped a campaign focused on fiscal responsibility, a streamlined government that supported free enterprise, economic development, and quality of life.

He would win re-election in 2012 and 2016, each time receiving more than 80% of the votes.

When it comes to budgets and management, Tommy knows mayors and city officials can’t kick the can down the road. Mayors have to roll-up their sleeves and get things done. He made promises in that 2008 campaign, and he’s kept them.

Working together with leaders across North Alabama, Tommy has helped to create more than 30,000 new jobs for the region. His collaborative approach to economic development has built partnerships with Blue Origin, Polaris, GE Aviation, and many others, and he led the recruitment effort of Mazda-Toyota to Huntsville. Creating advanced manufacturing jobs with those companies is building an Alabama workforce that is qualified and prepared to lead our state into the 21st Century.

His commitment to schools helped his city build more than $250 million in new facilities for Huntsville’s students. His commitment to education, however, is evident with “Mayor Battle’s Book Club,” a program which has provided more than 100,000 new reading books to children across the city.

Tommy’s wife, Eula, a retired teacher and former Madison County Teacher of the Year, continued her commitment to education by co-founding Free2Teach, a 501c3 non-profit organization that provides free resources to teachers in Madison County’s three public school systems. The organization has distributed nearly $7 million in resources to those teachers and their classrooms.

Tommy’s fiscally conservative policies have had a greater than $2.5 billion impact on the local economy, led his city to 12-straight Triple-A credit ratings, created a pay-as-you-go system to build or repair more than $500m in roads, and delivered balanced budgets every year he’s held the office.

Prior to his election as Mayor, Tommy was a small business owner who served on the HEMSI Board of Control, the Solid Waste Authority Board, and was a two-time Chairman of the Early Works Children’s Museum Board. He is a member of Trinity United Methodist Church, where he has taught Bible study for 20 years and is past Chairman of the Building Committee. Tommy and Eula enjoy spending time with their son, Drew, and his wife, Lauren, and their boys George and Benjamin.

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Absentee Voting 101

Click here to download your application.

The municipal election is coming up on August 25th, and many citizens are worried about exposure to COVID-19 at the polls. If you’re one of them, here are easy instructions for absentee voting, provided by the Battle Works campaign team.

In July, Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill confirmed that any citizen who wishes to vote by absentee ballot due to COVID-19 should mark the box stating they have a physical illness or infirmity that prevents their attendance at the polls on their application. This ensures their vote will be counted, whether or not they risk going to the polls.


Don’t miss these important points:


  • Absentee ballots must be postmarked by August 24 and received by noon on August 25 to be counted.
  • Or, voters may hand-deliver their ballot to a county absentee election manager by close of business August 24.
  • Voters who apply for an absentee ballot must also submit a copy of a valid photo ID.
  • Only one application per envelope will be accepted.


Absentee voters also have a one-stop-shop setup on the first floor of City Hall, located downtown on 308 Fountain Circle. Ballots may be dropped off there.


On voting day, for voters who choose to vote in person, each poll will have provisions in place for safe voting. They are:


  • Floor markings asking voters to stay six feet apart.
  • Clearly marked entrance and exit doors.
  • Poll workers will wear face shields and face covers.
  • Poll workers will regularly disinfect voting booths and other surfaces.
  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizer will be available for voter use.
  • Please bring your own black, ballpoint pen.


There is also a one-stop-shop for absentee voters open on the first floor of City Hall at 308 Fountain Circle.


Si habla español, haga clic aquí para obtener instrucciones, una boleta de muestra y un formulario de solicitud de boleta en ausencia en español.

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